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From: Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin (The IM Lovebirds)

Dear Friend,

Has there been a time where you needed to write a sales/squeeze page or an article but simply got STUCK completely? 

There’s nothing worse than suffering the writer's block. You spend hours upon hours scratching your head in frustration and end up wasting the whole day without accomplishing anything.

And finally when you managed to squeeze out some words, you realize that your sales copy's conversion sucks or nobody ever reads your article.

Talk about all your efforts going down the drain! It hurts big time and I've been through it all when I first started out. 

See, I then decided to invest in a couple of copywriting courses and I soon realized the top copywriters all have one common BEST-KEPT weapon.

If you've been exposed to copywriting for some time, you probably have heard of it mentioned somehow. Your swipe file is arguably one of your most powerful tools, just like how a wrench is to a mechanic.

In simple terms, a swipe file is simply a collection of promotions and advertisements which copywriters regularly refer to for 'guided inspiration'.

And its not just essential for copywriters. It's a MUST HAVE for every internet marketer because regardless of what you're selling online, you obviously can't escape writing.

Every professional copywriter keeps a swipe file – a collection of proven direct response promotions – and for good reason. Building a swipe file is easily one of the most powerful things you can do to advance your career as a copywriter. 

-- Clayton Makepeace

Think about it, if a TOP copywriter like Clayton Makepeace who charges over $10K to write one sales copy relies on a swipe file to write good copy, what more you and me who are NOT master copywriters?

Don't You Wish That You Could Churn Out Killer Sales Pages Or Any Ad Copy In No Time, Anytime You Want?

I know it is hard for you to believe that this is possible at this moment. It is indeed incredible to be able to master the art of copywriting in such little time... and compile your very own swipe file without any effort... not to mention a proven one. 

But that is until you discover...

See around 18 months back, I had a junior copywriter who worked as an intern for me for a short period. Back then, he was still a novice and wanted to learn more about the art of copywriting. So I paid him to spend weeks analyzing a ton of sales copies written by the top copywriters like John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace etc.

The result of that is a compilation of HUGE swipe file of PROVEN headlines, bullet points, openers and much more!

I even got him to create a few sales & squeeze page templates that I could plug in every time I needed to write a copy.

With the swipe file and templates he has compiled, he later went on to write some tremendous sales copies and was eventually hired by a huge marketing company and now earns over six figures a year.

As for me, this swipe file has contributed towards me writing sales copies that consistently converted at over 10% and raking in over $600K in online sales in just the past year alone. 

Just look at some of the results of a few of the "small" promotions I've done in the past TWO MONTHS ALONE!

Look, I'm no stellar writer. In fact, you can probably find some grammar mistakes in this copy alone.

But what I do have is a KILLER swipe file which makes writing profit-pulling copy a matter of 'redirecting' the white hot magic of proven winners right onto my product and market.

And now, I'm making this available for just a tiny weeny fraction of what I paid to compile this goldmine.

With “Swipe File Mastery” in your hands, you’ll never be at a loss for what to write FOREVER. 

Here's what it contains:

Here's a sample template:

These are templates which are painstakingly created by my copywriter who modelled after some of the top copywriters on the Internet. Each template reveals a different PROVEN approach for selling information products. 

So whenever you need to churn out a copy fast, you just choose 1 of the 5 templates that is best suited for the product you're selling.

And the cool thing is, using the same templates you're about to receive, I normally crank out my copies in under 2 hours and they all convert GREAT and as high as 25% EVEN!!

Just like the sales page templates above, I got my copywriter to produce 5 different PROVEN squeeze page templates that can SUCK IN subscribers like crazy.

As a result, most my squeeze pages convert at OVER 50% with the highest being OVER 70%!!

And this has contributed to us generating a MASSIVE subscribers list of of OVER 100K in just around 18 months!

This is a HUGE compilation of PROVEN:

Attention Grabbing Headlines (Over 200 of them!)

High Converting Bullet points (Over 200 of them!)

Hypnotic Openers (Over 30 of them!)

High Call-to-Action Closers (Over 30 of them!)

Persuasive Guarantees (Over 20 of them!)

Impactful Postscripts (Over 20 of them!)

This means, you'll have a swipe file for practically every SINGLE important element in a high-converting sales copy.

And you can instantly swipe them and use them in your OWN sales copies (present or future) and witness how your sales increase dramatically with just a few tweaks!

As internet marketers, we receive alot of emails each day. And as you might have guessed, some emails get opened alot while some never ever get opened.

Think about some of the top marketers like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan etc... These are some of the marketers who know how to write headlines that get people to OPEN them.

Email headlines are CRUCIAL if you're doing list building because if you can't even get your prospects to open your emails, how on earth are they going to READ what you have to offer?!

So I've compiled over 150 of the BEST email headlines I've received over the years. 

These are not your usual types of headlines and many of them are real short. But these evoke curiosity and usually result in higher email open rates.

And now you can swipe them and use it for YOURSELF so you can TRIPLE your email open rates and make THRICE as much money for EVERY email you send!

Just think about how drastically would your sales improve by using just a few of the top copywriters' proven secrets in your sales copy!

Swipe File Mastery is able to help you improve the conversions of ANY marketing copy you write after battling with writing copy that sucks for such a long time because you're tapping into the expertise and knowledge of the top copywriters and it also levarages on their BEST proven ads.

It took me years before I finally discover the solution and I want to cut short your time of searching for a way to churn out results fast.  

Here's just a few ways "Swipe File Mastery" will benefit you:

Build a six or seven figure promotion from scratch, regardless of your experience

Crank out more copy, more quickly and ACCELERATE your income exponentially?

Dramatically enhance the quality of every promotion you create

Legally smuggle the top copywriters and keep them in your hard disk and bring them wherever you need!

I guarantee that this will soon become your most-used “secret weapon” for writing killer copy and emails!

“Goldmine of Useful Information!”

Calvin Woon is one of those great people who continuously releases good products, and at a sensible price. 

As someone who is in the process of moving away from affiliate marketing and my main webdesign and social media consultancy into product creation, and who doesn't like writing sales copy, this is a goldmine of useful information.


Justin W.

“It Makes Creation of Salespages
A Lot Easier!”

Hi Calvin,

Really love your swipe file collection!

Today using swipe files has become imperative. The swipe files in the Swipe File Mastery collection will make the creation of sales/squeeze pages a lot easier. Also the squeeze page templates are a nice resource to have. 

The contents are well organized too. 




“A Great Product At An Unbelievable Price!”


I just got this, downloaded it and skimmed through it! 

I stink at copyrighting (at least I think I do) but I know it is so critical to online success. Plus I will need it now as I just launched an offline marketing consulting business.

So this is like "Gold" for me!

Thanks very much for creating this great product and for the unbelievable price!

Sally Cev



Hi Calvin!

I usually don't give a testimonial. And even was skeptical about the other testimonials that I read about the Swipe File Mastery. 

But I've just scanned the product and what can I say ....

Top Class! 

It's a rare "Buy it and Use it" kind of product. 

I've applied the knowledge (copy and pasted - with a little changes) to couple of my sales-letters already!!

Thank you!

Sandy CMY


“It's Super Awesome!”


Got Swipe File Mastery today! It's super awesome! 

I've just perused through the headline swipe files and my brain start churning already on how to implement these headlines in my marketing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Not only this is perfect for online marketing, this is also perfect for offline marketing, either getting my own clients or getting leads/customers for my clients!

Keep churning out these awesome products, Calvin!!

With much appreciation,


“No One Will Have A Challenge Writing A Sales Copy Again!”


What blows me away (besides the price of course), is how MUCH great info that is in this product!! 

I mean, no one who gets this will ever have to spend years gathering up this kind of great content, or have a challenge writing a salescopy again!!

I have a new product coming out soon, and this product could not have been better timed, as I'm about to start writing the sales copy!

Thanks for the rescue!! Continued success!

Ross Brezovar 


You'll NEVER have to pay huge copywriting fees ever again
Gain instant access to a complete arsenal of proven moneymaking swipe files to come up with the most compelling sales letters
Build a MEGA subscibers list with squeeze pages that CONVERT LIKE MAD!
Produce a TON of sales for ANY single product you sell
Never suffer from the frustrations of having writers block FOREVER

Yes you read that RIGHT! Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.

If for ANY reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

But That's Not All! 

Look. I really want you to get your hands on  Swipe File Mastery because I know how it can help you write faster, better and make so much more sales for you. The best way for me to make your decision an easier one today is by making it worth your time and investment. So here's what I've done to increase the value of this product and create some bonuses that will help you even further.

So if you act today, I'll also throw in the following...

In order to succeed in article marketing, you need to be able to churn out articles FAST.

However, I know most people shiver at the though of writing articles.

With these 5 article templates, you'll be able to:

* Write quality articles in under 5 minutes on virtually any subject.

* Save money as you won't need to hire writers to write for you anymore!

* Produce FIVE TIMES more articles that you previously used to and SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME!

Ever wondered why some articles on EzineArticles.com get read by tens of thousands of other people while some barely even get a few views.

I dare say alot of it has got to do with the article title. Certain article titles just automatically generate more interest and get more views!

So I've compiled a list of over 200 article titles of the most read articles in each article category on EzineArticles.com

So the next time you need to think of a title for your article, this will give you endless ideas!

Never will you be stuck with boring old article titles that nobody wants to read!

I know many of you create product review sites to earn affiliate commissions from Clickbank, Amazon etc...

That is a GREAT income model but it takes a lot of skill to write a persuasive product review from scratch. 

If you ever struggled with writing a review, do not worry any further as I'll provide you with a proven review article template which you can use for your future reviews.

This is a template that has gotten us a TON of clicks and sales for the affiliate products we promote.

Hence, it will not only save you a TON of time, it will also SKYROCKET your affiliate commissions!

This will COMPLEMENT your "Plug N Play" Review Article Template PERFECTLY. 

The major downfall of product reviews is that most affiliates don't have the extra time or know how to write them for the product they are promoting. 

Even with a proven template like the one you'll be getting, you still need to add in your words to discuss the features and benefits.

This One-Liners Swipe File contains over 250 fill-in-the-blank one-liners, writing prompts and sentence starters you can you use to easily write your own digital information product reviews in no time. 

Just insert a few of these into your Review Article template and your review article will be GOOD TO GO!

We've even separated them into one-liners for digital products as well as physical products so these work regardless of what type of product you're promoting!

What Price Are You Willing to Pay For Financial Success & Freedom?

This product will help you make more MONEY almost instantly. 

When you take a look at what you'll be getting altogether, you can see how easy it will be for me to ask for $97. 

But I like to over-deliver. It's good for my reputation. That's why I've decided to keep it at just $17.

With just 200 copies to be sold, you will want get your copy today!

Swipe File Mastery


To Your Success,

-- Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin
The IM Lovebirds

P.S. You've got absolutely nothing to lose! With my 30-day money-back guarantee, this investment is completely risk-free! And when you consider the bonuses that come along, it's a no-brainer! So get it now while the copies run out!

P.P.S. Do you really want to pass off this opportunity of leveraging on the brilliance of the BEST copywriters in the world? Well once you get your hands on Swipe File Mastery, you're bound to
dramatically enhance the quality of every promotion you create. Only 200 copies to be sold so get it now!


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